Listed Building
  • Assignment:Concept KfW - Efficiency House 70
  • Place:Black Forest
  • Year:2017
  • At an old railway station in the Black Forest, we have adopted the energy concept for the entire building. Here, a KfW Efficiency House 100 was calculated so that the client could also benefit from the subsidies - which also exist for non-residential buildings.
    For this object we have planned a bivalent system according to the calculated heating load. On the one hand, the heat is generated by a gas condensing boiler, on the other hand, a brine-water heat pump was installed, which supplies the building with heat up to a certain temperature via ground collectors.

    In the case of measures of this magnitude, one must steer the point of view at an early stage in the direction of subsidies, so that part of the multiple survey is already compensated during the repayment phase.