75.000 Euros Grant
  • Assignment:Concept KfW - Efficiency House 70
  • Place:Swabian Alb
  • Year:2017
  • As part of the energy concept for an existing building, the detailed thermal bridge planning resulted in a KfW Efficiency House 70 . There was a direct subsidy - without a loan - in the amount of € 75,000 granted. We assisted the client with all KfW expert services from the subsidy analysis , the planning and the KfW application, to the construction supervision right up to the completion.

    Conclusion: Due to the detailed thermal bridge planning, a higher classification for the promotion could be achieved without additional financial expenditure on the building. In this example, the building was upgraded from a KfW Efficiency House 85 (20% subsidy) to a KfW Efficiency House 70 (25% subsidy).